About Us
is proudly to be one of the largest fresh vegetable supplier and certified by ISO 22000 and HACCP. The company is well-respected, reputable and leading raw material food supplier in Malaysia. With more than 20 years of experience in the food supplying line, we have understood the needs of our customers. Therefore, the integrity is our policy.

We mainly supplies with chili products, from fresh chili to chili paste and even dried chili too. We are also a leading importer for dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated mushroom and dehydrated seafood, no matter it is air-dried or freeze dried. Due to demand from our customers, we have expanded our range of products to fried shallots and fried anchovy. And now, we also supply ground spices to factories too.

In order to give extra convenience to our customers, we are updating our inventory, by offering semi-processed for customers. For instance, we de-stalked the fresh chili, peeled the garlic & onions and trimmed the cabbage & lettuce for them. This will reduce the time consuming.

With increasing consumer consciousness and demand for higher food safety, ethical and environmental standards,  has developed and operates its own growing programme for key raw materials and our global sourcing capability.

Understanding the increase demand of halal food, all the products we import have certifications or letter of guarantee from our suppliers to confirm that they comply with halal requirements. In view of this, our commitment to halal reflects our commitment to putting "Customers First" in all that we do.


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